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CE certification and Risk Assessment Machinery (English) - ing. Riccardo Buffa

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CE certification and Risk Assessment Machinery (English)


Riccardo Buffa has twenty years of experience in the field of machine safety such as filling machines, packaging machines, forming machines, lathes, robot, collaborative robots, milling machines, drills, grinding machines, converting machines, bitumen machines, biogas plants, cogeneration groups, etc.

Riccardo Buffa can support you in the CE certification and risk assessment process of the machine which consists of:

  • technical support as CE safety consultant;

  • hazard analysis and risk reduction through ISO 12100: 2010 standard;

  • Risk Assessment by ISO/TR 14121-2: 2012 standard;

  • calculation of Performance Levels according to ISO 13849-1:2015 for the identified safety functions;

  • identification of the safety functions and control circuits that perform safety functions (electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic circuits, etc.);

  • determination of the required Performance Level PLr for each safety function;

  • determination of the calculated Performance Level (PL), using the most popular softwares (eg SISTEMA);

  • comparison of the calculated Performance Level with the required Performance Level (PLr);

  • identification in the event that the Performance Level (PL) proves to be inadequate, or lower than the PLr, in collaboration with the designers, of the solutions that can be adopted in order to increase the performance level (for example through modifications to the circuit structure of the command or choice of more reliable components).

Drafting of:

  • Technical file drafting

  • Declaration of Conformity drafting

  • User and Maintenance manual editing

This activity is carried out in accordance with the applicable directives:

  • 2006/42 / EC Machinery Directive

  • 2014/35 /  EU Low Voltage Directive

  • 2014/30 / EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

and specific rules:

  • EN ISO 12100:2010 Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction.

  • ISO/TR 14121-2:2012 Safety of machinery -- Risk assessment - Practical guidance and examples of methods

  • ISO 13849-1:2015 Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Part 1: General principles for design

  • ISO 13849-2:2012 Safety of machinery -- Safety-related parts of control systems Validation

  • ISO 13850:2015 Safety of machinery - Emergency stop function - Principles for design

  • EN ISO 13854:2019 Safety of machinery - Minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body

  • EN ISO 13855:2010 Safety of machinery - Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body (ISO 13855:2010) (replaces EN 999)

  • UNI EN ISO 13857:2020 Safety of machinery -- Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs

  • ISO 14119:2013 Safety of machinery - Interlocking devices associated with guards - Principles for design and selection (replaces EN 1088)

  • ISO 14120:2015 Safety of machinery - Guards - General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards

  • ISO 14122-1-2-3-4:2016 Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery

  • ISO 10218-1:2011 Robots and robotic devices -- Safety requirements for industrial robots Robot systems and integration

  • EN 415-3:1999+A1:2009 Safety of packaging machines - Part 3: Form, fill and seal machines

  • EN 1010-1:2004+A1:2010 Safety of machinery - Safety requirements for the design and construction of printing and paper converting machines - Part 1: Common requirementsEN 12417:2001+A2:2009 Machine tools - Safety - Machining centres

  • EN ISO 16090-1:2018 Machine tools safety - Machining centres, Milling machines, Transfer machines - Part 1: Safety requirements (ISO 16090-1:2017)

  • ISO 23125:2015 Machine tools -- Safety -- Turning machines

  • EN ISO 7010:2020 Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Registered safety signs

-1:2016 Safety of machinery. Electrical equipment of machines. General requirements

Riccardo Buffa is also Manager of the Protection Prevention Service of industrial companies, therefore he is well aware of the safety issues in this production field.

- e-mail:
- mobile: +39.333.32.33.509

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